Two Males Arrested for Home Invasion


On March 5th, 2018 officers with the Investigation Services Division of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service arrested 26 year old Branden Hartling of no fixed address in relation to a home invasion.  On February 20th, 2018 officers also arrested 23 year old Dallas Solomon of Sussex Road in relation to this same incident.

It is alleged that in the early morning hours of February 10th, 2018 the two males attended the residence of a person known to them in the 400 block of Morin Street armed with weapons.  The two forced their way into the residence and assaulted a male victim inside.

They then fled the area and a short time later police were contacted.  Both males have now been taken into custody and have been charged with;

Break and enter with intent to commit robbery,
One count of assault with a weapon.
One count of Assault causing bodily harm,
One count of wearing a disguise with intent, and;
One count of breach of probation.
They were both held for bail court.

Officers have confirmed that this incident is linked to the February 10th fatal shooting of Christopher Swanson.  No further information can be released at this time as the investigation is continuing.


  1. Why is the victim in jail still….like just don’t see the justice…no bail no release …really hope they start looking at our system definitely something wrong here…..Let him out

  2. So where is the article demanding to know why a young man is STILL in custody for what was clearly an act of self defence? What message is the federal justice system sending to Canadians when it is ruled acceptable to shoot an unarmed boy in the head while he’s sleeping on your property but when a young man encounters 3 armed intruders hacking up his father and tries to stop them he is arrested for murder and has yet to be given a set bail? Get your #### together Canada.

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