White House says no tariff announcement today; Canada watching warily


WASHINGTON — The White House says it won’t be making an announcement today on steel and aluminum tariffs, an issue that’s expected to have major implications for Canada.

U.S. President Donald Trump is facing a major decision on whether to impose the tariffs, how high to set them, and what countries to target — and reports had suggested it could come as early as today.

Trump needs to make a decision by next month on a Department of Commerce report that has declared imports of steel and aluminum a potential national-security threat, a report the president could use as an excuse to hit foreign producers hard.

He has frequently indicated, both in public and behind closed doors, that he wants tariffs. Numerous media reports described an internal tug-of-war over the timing of the news, with some telling Trump to hold off because the details are not ready.

A White House official now tells The Canadian Press the announcement has been postponed.

Canada has a major stake in the outcome, since it’s the leading exporter of both steel and aluminum to the U.S.

The Canadian Press



  1. I heard in one of the stock groups I’m in that Essar Steel is supposed to be sold to/bought by ArcelorMittal an Indian company that will export steel to the Indian market. Guess we will see 🤷‍♀️

  2. It is time for Canada to fight back…50 percent tariff on Florida oranges entering this country…for example. It would not take long for Florida to complain to Trump. It is time for government to stop sitting idly by while this buffoon of a President threatens our economy.

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