Zoo By-Law Information Session Moves Location


An information session concerning City council’s recent decision on grandfathering Spruce Haven Zoo originally planned at the main public library has been changed to a new location. The group issued the following Monday:

We are a group local residents who are concerned about City Council’s decision to grandfather Spruce Haven Zoo into the city’s new animal control by-law, which will otherwise prohibit zoos from operating within Sault Ste. Marie.

To raise awareness of this issue, we are holding a public information session the evening of Wednesday, March 28 th.

Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Time: 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Location: Cafe Natura, 75 Elgin Street.

Because Council has not yet voted on the final version of the by-law that includes the grandfathering clause, there is still time to convince the councillors not to do so. We are holding this information session to help residents understand the issues surrounding the grandfathering clause, what we would like to see happen, the offer from Zoocheck to relocate the animals, and what residents can do.

A representative from Zoocheck – an accredited organization that has offered to move the zoo’s carnivores at no cost to the zoo or the City – will be available for questions, and all members of City Council have been invited to attend.


  1. Ted Cameron – no we are not! The Resolution wording has to still come back to council from the City legal department to again be voted on. Two Councillors were absent from that initial vote as well, so that could potentially also change the outcome. The other petition with close to 280,000 signatures to remove the animals to sanctuaries was not brought up at council and information presented from the zoo representatives was not accurate. City Council is there is represent the residents of this city and they are only representing ONE BUSINESS, that just happens to be a deplorable zoo! That is totally unacceptable and does NOT SPEAK for the majority of Saultites. There are also very serious safety concerns to the public and the City would also be name as liable should another animal escape and maul or kill a child or someone. The total exemption for Spruce Haven on all levels with no regulations whatsover as initially written in the Resolution by Councillors Meyers and Butland is nothing short of total stupidity and is unacceptable. The Councillors that voted in favour (Meyers, Butland, Fata, Burni, Krmpotich and Grandinetti) obviously did not do their homework and just want it all to go away. It will not.

    So how about it Ted Cameron? I’m throwing out the challenge to YOU Ted Cameron to come out to the Information session and learn for yourself that YES THERE IS PLENTY THAT YOU CAN DO TOO!

    It’s an apathetic community and comments like yours that do nothing to help. I’m hoping you will come to the information session yourself and find out what you can do to STAND UP, STEP UP AND SPEAK UP for the long suffering animals at Spruce Haven.

  2. You are beating a dead horse as city hall has made up it’s backward minds and will not change their decision. It’s past time to clean house.

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