4th Annual Science Carnival brings science and tech to life in the Sault


This afternoon marked the final day of the Sault Ste. Marie Science Festival, a week long event consisting of exciting opportunities to explore the interactive world of science and technology.

Today’s Science Carnival took place at The Machine Shop, and it was buzzing with excitement as participants and exhibitors alike celebrated science.

The venue was packed with families and children of all ages. Lora Clossen, Senior Scientist at Science North, said, “The event gets bigger every year, our visitors continue to increase and everyone seems to have a really good time interacting with the exhibits.”


Of the events’ roots, Clossen explained, “This event is really a partnership. The festival partnership is managed by Science North but it consists of 10 community organizations, all from the Sault except for us. We really come together to plan the festival so that it is community-based.”

With over 20 different exhibits to visit – highlighting both local and global science and engineering principals, from bugs to high tech printers to natural resources to building blocks – there was endless opportunity for the whole family to come out for an informative an entertaining day.

Laura Cerilli, the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre’s Marketing And Events Coordinator, told SaultOnline, “We are really excited to be taking part in the Carnival, we do it every year and it is something we really look forward to.”

She continued, “It is a chance for us to get involved in the community and so some outreach and provide some hands-on activities to really engage with the Sault.”

The Innovation Centre’s exhibit allowed for children to do some arts and crafts to express themselves while learning about bugs and colours.

Didn’t have time to make it out today? No worries. There is always next year, and it’s certain to be bigger and better as we continue to innovate, create, and imagine here in the Sault.


  1. This was an awesome event. Huge crowds of excited and engaged kids. The organizing committee continues to improve this event every year and this year was sensational. Great job everyone. It goes to show how science, art and culture can work together to make our community happy, healthy and a great place to live.

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