City transit will come under reevaluation


Some recommendations will be coming to council on Monday concerning the local transit service.

Redesign of most routes, new bus transfer hub at or near Sault College, reinstatement of Great Northern Route to Hospital, and a new community bus route are the main recommendations.

Other recommendations include: Smart Card fare collection & mobility payment, real time information (mobile app), Automatic Passenger Counters (to determine number of people on bus at any time), Introduce technology to monitor bus reliability, onstruct northern bus transfer facility , bike racks, upgrade existing bus stop infrastructure and signage and upgrade the bus fleet.

This all came from eight open houses, three online surveys and eight more transit focus groups.

With transit ridership on the decline recently due to economy and relocation of St. Marys’ High School, Sunday evening transit service being eliminated, some residential areas of the city are without reasonable access to bus service, development growth is occurring north of Second Line, desire to re-evaluate how routes and services are designed and the need to adapt to changing population demographics, this should be a popular topic on Monday at city council.


  1. How about putting the Sunday route back to normal? All these changes but still no one on Sunday can work past 6. Shake my head Sault Ste Marie.

  2. So many good ideas. The only reason I don’t live in the Sault is because I would need to in a car. But the city shouldn’t be making exceptions to the city plan for development above second line, and since they have, they certainly shouldn’t be adapting the plan to accommodate that new development. A thriving downtown and consolidating the city should be the priority over further spreading out.

  3. None of the drivers had any say in this! They work the routes daily and haven’t even been asked what would be the best change! Sure some things need changing but this seems extreme for the city of Sault Ste. Marie.. All I can say is that I hope the puplic spoke up and put their influence in.. Haha if that even matters!

    • Apparently you didn’t read the story. It says there were transit focus groups involved in the process. I would assume that means transit employees were part of that component as is usually the case.
      Besides, if a driver thought their thoughts weren’t being heard they could have completed the online survey or they could have sent an email to all of the city councillors expressing their concerns.

  4. I am fortunate I just moved here last sunday. The place I chose to call home in Sault (eastside) has several busses leading to it. I have had no issues with the busses as of yet and I usually just confirm with the driver that they are going where I need to go as sometimes google can lie haha

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