Day 1 Update – VEX IQ World Robotics Championships


Three Sault elementary school teams arrived in Louisville Kentucky for the World VEX IQ robotics championships, taking over the action after the high school competition wrapped up yesterday. Two teams from Notre Dame du Sault, the “Grands Loups” in the middle school age division (grades 6 to 8) and the “Petites Loups” in the elementary division (grades 3 to 5) joined F.H.Clergue’s “iSMAK” team (also in the middle school age division) to represent the Sault. Each age division has the top 400 teams from around the world meeting to decide the World Champions by Tuesday afternoon.

In early practice, all three teams looked very strong. iSMAK posted the second highest team practice scores of the day, partnering with a California team to score an impressive 259 point result in a match that doesn’t count towards tomorrow’s qualifying rounds. Meanwhile, in the Skills Challenge event, where each team tries to post their highest single robot driver skills and programming skills scores, NDS Grand Loup sits in 87th after only 1 of 6 attempts, while iSMAK added a 114th place showing in their only attempt.  In the Elementary age division, the Petits Loups joined a team from India and had a solid 134 point practice match in 2-robot teamplay, but also posted a very impressive 132 point Skills Challenge result and sits 91st of the 400 teams in their age group in Skills.

With these very competitive results in early play, all three teams are showing their readiness to play in tomorrow’s qualifying matches, where each team is randomly paired with another team for ten rounds tomorrow and Tuesday, with the top ranked teams advancing to the playoffs on Tuesday afternoon.  Skills Challenge rounds also continue, where each team gets 6 attempts to keep improving on their best scores.