EDC releases manufacturing sector promo video


With its strategic location, low cost of doing business and high quality of life, Sault Ste. Marie offers competitive advantages for manufacturing firms. To promote this sector around the world and attract new investment, the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation (SSMEDC) released a marketing video today. The segment highlights several local companies and why they’re operating in the city.

The companies featured include Heliene’s solar panel manufacturing facility, Tenaris Algoma Tubes, Arauco’s medium-density fibreboard production mill, the Pollard Banknote Ltd. instant lottery ticket operation, EACOM engineered wood, Northern Superior Brewing Co., SIS Manufacturing, Algoma, Outspoken Brewing, and Paverdeck’s galvanized steel deck assembly plant.

“Sault Ste. Marie has a long and proud history of transforming natural resources and raw materials into high-quality manufactured goods,” said Nevin Buconjic, Manager of Trade, Investment and Community Marketing for the SSMEDC. “But we are more than just a steel town. We produce solar panels, instant lottery tickets, craft beer, locomotive train chassis and much more. We produce innovative and value-added products across numerous sectors, and we want to help showcase this capability to the world.”

The marketing video is part of the SSMEDC’s Invest Sault Ste. Marie project, a targeted program aimed at attracting external companies and investment to the community. Through the initiative, the organization is also working to secure export opportunities for local businesses. The overall goal is to create and retain jobs in Sault Ste. Marie.

“While supporting existing industry and investment attraction across numerous sectors, Invest Sault Ste. Marie is focusing efforts on high-potential opportunities such as smart energy, digital steel and advanced manufacturing,” said Dan Hollingsworth, Executive Director of Business Development for the SSMEDC. “We’re working with our community partners and stakeholders to leverage investment attraction within these sectors.”

Under the Invest Sault Ste. Marie initiative, the SSMEDC made 17 formal pitches to external investors in 2017. Of these prospective deals, three were closed by year-end. The program is supported by FedNor, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and City of Sault Ste. Marie. To learn more, visit www.investsaultstemarie.com.



  1. Have you notice all companies in the video uses Federal & Provincial money to open and/or expand. I bet if there was no handouts they wouldn’t be here. Its not the high quality of life in the Soo, did anyone watch W5?

    • So you think only this city has a problem with people taking drugs. Wow! You apparently don’t know anyone who isn’t taking drugs. Maybe you should work to convince all the people you apparently know taking drugs to not take drugs.
      Also, there are many companies, large and small, that get government funds across Canada. Are you saying no company here should take advantage of what the government is willing to give? Are you saying you would be fine if companies outside of Sault Ste. Marie accept government incentives while businesses here in Sault Ste. Marie say ‘no we don’t want what you’re offering them’.

    • Typical comment from a negative person. Other communities do the exact same thing. If you think this city is so bad leave. If you are going to stay try to make it better. Otherwise you are contributing nothing useful.

    • Having lived all over Canada and in other countries…..I am so puzzled by comments like this Richard Moore. On average and in general, the Sault is an amazing place to live, on many levels. Yes, there’s poverty and yes, there are issues with infrastructure and housing…but not nearly as serious as in many other towns. The standard of living for an average working family is quite high and the cost of living lower than most places of the same size. So….more jobs needed…certainly. And so to undermine the efforts of the city to attract business, makes no sense to me.

  2. I would heavily question the “Low cost of doing business” statement.
    Business taxes and hydro costs are OUT TO LUNCH, just to name two.

    • Well, if the business people in the video are saying that is the case then I’ll take their word about the “low cost of doing business” over yours.

        • Great comeback from someone who obviously has no comeback. You would be better to not comment about things you know nothing of. Otherwise it makes you look foolish.

          • You’re better to remain silent and be thought stupid than to speak up and remove all doubt.

        • Ted, So you call someone a liar….get called on it…..and then are upset about it?
          Wow! You are a piece of work!
          If you’re going to call someone a liar you should have proof of what you claim to be true.
          If not, it’s better to do as you say otherwise people will regard you as one of very low intelligence.
          So….do you have proof the person who mentioned the “low cost of doing business” is a liar?
          Before you answer check the line previous to my question once again:)

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