Ferry Service to Neebish Island Remains Suspended


SAULT SAINTE MARIE, Mich.- Ferry service to Neebish Island was suspended Saturday morning.  Last weekend storm force winds and significant deposits of snow forced the EUP Transit Authority to suspend ferry operations.

The EUP Transit Authority announced the start of a modified schedule last Wednesday after island residents went nearly two weeks without ferry service.  Last weekend’s storm sent ice down from Lake Nicolet effectively blocking the ferry crossing again.

Coast Guard ice breakers work to flush ice in the lower river to create space for this new ice to go.  The current weather forecast calls for increased sunshine and a slow rise in daily temperature which will help the ice blocking the channel to deteriorate.

Island residents who need supplies should contact Mr. Jamie Pringle, Captain of the Neebish Island Ferry.  Mr. Pringle is the Coast Guard’s liaison to Neebish Island.  Calls for medical emergencies should be placed to 911.