Finger Eleven and I Mother Earth rock the Sault (30 photos)

finger11 i mother earth

Finger Eleven and I Mother Earth showed the Sault a head-bangin’ good time at the Machine Shop on Wednesday night.

I Mother Earth, from Toronto, Ontario, and Finger Eleven, from Burlington, Ontario, have teased of a teaming up for a tour for a while now.

The joint tour across their home country consists of nineteen shows across Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Colombia.

The bands perform an intimate acoustic performance with a question and answer period for VIP fans ahead of a full electric set, open for general admission.

The bands also came together and performed three songs as one, providing a unique and dynamic experience for fans.

The tour kicked off in Peterborough on April 11th, making Wednesday night’s concert at the Machine Shop stop number six.

While snapping pictures and rocking out to I Mother Earth, I had the pleasure of speaking with Finger Eleven drummer, Steve Molella, who was impressed with The Machine Shop venue.

“This place is so unique and historic, I can’t believe it. Y’know coming from Toronto, we get to play a lot of shows in a lot of big places, but nothing like this. This might be the coolest place we’ve ever played. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Molella told SaultOnline.

He also expressed how great the staff have been, and how amazing playing in a more intimate setting, like the Machine Shop, is something that he and the band really love to do.

“The fans here are so great, they get so pumped up and you can tell they are really having a good time. The people up here are so different from down south and its refreshing to play in a space like this,” Molella continued.

We hope this means that Finger Eleven and I Mother Earth will be back for some more “Good Times.”

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