Flooding submerges trail, closes roads in Fredericton following rain, snow melt


FREDERICTON — Parts of Fredericton were under water this morning after the St. John River began rising quickly and flooding the city’s downtown.

Justice and Public Safety spokesman Geoffrey Downey says the flooding occurred faster than provincial officials were expecting after water levels rose rapidly overnight.

He says the levels were at 7.8 metres early today, with flood stage being 6.5 metres.

So far, he says a popular Fredericton walking trail was partly submerged, some roads in the area were closed and officials were warning drivers to proceed carefully on Route 105 due to flooding.

He says it could be one of the worst floods in the area after waters rose to 8.36 metres in 2008.

Other areas, including Jemseg and Maugerville, are also at risk of flooding that’s being caused by snow melt and rain, with more rain in the forecast.

The Canadian Press