Greens Painting the Town for Earth Day!


The Sault Ste. Marie Green Party is celebrating Earth Day this year by doing a cleanup – of their new office space.  They invite “Greens, and Green-curious” to join them on Sunday, April 22, the 38th anniversary of Earth Day, for a fun day of painting, prepping, music, food, and laughter.

“The office, at 508 Queen St East, used to be a little shop selling British products,” explains Kathie Brosemer, president of the local Green constituency association.  “So we have a lot of red and blue paint to cover up!”

The Green Party intends to run candidates in every constituency in the Ontario election on June 7th, and the local association has already named its candidate, Kara Flannigan.  Said Kara, “Earth Day is traditionally a time for people to show their concern for environmental issues, typically by litter cleanups, tree planting, or starting a new habit like bicycling or busing for their commute, or starting a compost.  Given the prolonged arrival of spring, an indoor cleanup and green-up seemed like a good idea.”

Anyone interested in Green ideas is welcome to drop in between 10 am and 2 pm on the day.  People wanting to help paint are asked to wear old clothes, but it’s not required – come and find out more about the Green Party’s values and mission.  The Green Party is the only provincial party that shares values with Green Parties worldwide, and at every political level around the world.  Often expressed as “fiscally conservative, socially progressive, and environmentally responsible,” Green core values are neither left nor right, but prioritize people and the planet, as described at the Green Party of Ontario website and the local Facebook page, Sault Green Party.

“There will be food and fun and great people to meet.  We want to hear from everyone with their ideas about how to make Sault Ste. Marie a more sustainable city,” added Brosemer.