Local Dollars Save Local Lives


SAULT STE. MARIE, ON (April 12, 2018) – Radiologists at Sault Area Hospital will now have access to even higher definition images and local patients will be exposed to lower amounts of radiation thanks to community donations.

A new CT Scanner has been unveiled in the Diagnostic Imaging Department at Sault Area Hospital. This piece of crucial medical equipment was installed to replace an older model over 10 years old. The upgrade will ensure patients do not experience extended wait times as it will eliminate the downtime that can be caused from  potential breakdowns of aging equipment

Sault Area Hospital performs over 20,000 CT scans annually. A CT scan is a comprehensive x-ray that allows our local healthcare professionals to take a 360 degree look inside the patient’s body in just a few seconds.

These scans are used by physicians to determine organ function, pin point ailments, prepare a biopsy or radiation treatment, as well as diagnose cancers, kidney failures, broken bones and much more.

The new CT Scanner has cost the Sault Area Hospital Foundation nearly $1.1 million dollars. The new equipment brings in technology that allows virtual colonography and advanced cardiac imaging.

The funds from a major pledge through the Sault Area Hospital Volunteer Association in the amount of $200,000 as well as countless donations from individuals, businesses and organizations across the Algoma District, the 2016 and 2017 5 Car Draws, and the recent Around the World draws have contributed to the Foundation’s fundraising efforts.

The CT Scanner that was recently replaced was one of many pieces of equipment moved from Queen Street to Great Northern Road during the Hospital move 7 years ago. “Half of the equipment at SAH was purchased new when we moved and the other half of it was existing equipment. The Sault Area Hospital Foundation has continued to work with SAH and our community every year to fund the replacement of older equipment while also purchasing additional equipment to ensure our local care continues to improve.

We are approaching a time when much of the equipment purchased when we built this hospital, is reaching its end. In the next 6 years, we will be required to replace over $50 million  worth of equipment.” Cheryl Pavoni, SAHF Executive Director. “This CT Scanner is an example of what Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma District can do when we work together. This piece of equipment will help our community hospital to continue to provide excellent, quality care close to home.”

Community funding pays for hospital equipment, the tools Sault Area Hospital caregivers need to keep local patients healthy. Community fundraising is a reality that every hospital in the province faces. Local dollars save local lives. Donations to SAHF allow SAH to deliver care with leading-edge medical equipment and acquisition of the latest information technology.

The Sault Area Hospital Foundation Board of Directors and Staff would like to thank our community for their incredible support.  Thank you to Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma District for making healthcare a priority and for keeping patients close to home.


  1. This is awesome!
    Now they’ll be able to see if there’s loose wiring inside the patients instead of telling them about eye twitches growing in odd places.
    They’ll be able to see much more. Much much more than just that, but at least we’ll feel a little safer with the purchase of this incredible machine

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