Local Greens Select Kara Flannigan to Carry the Banner in June


The local Green Party constituency association has once again tapped Kara Flannigan for the provincial election ballot this June.

“Kara has represented the Greens in local Federal and Provincial elections, and she has the experience to run a great campaign, focussed on the issues important to Saultites,” said Kathie Brosemer, president of the local association.  “We are all thrilled that Kara agreed to carry the banner again.”

The Green Party promotes jobs, people, and the planet.  Often described as fiscally conservative, socially progressive, and environmentally responsible, Greens favour a tax structure that removes taxes from things that are “good” for society, such as local services, energy conservation, and carbon-neutral products, and applies them to the “bads” – such as pollution, wasteful energy use, and long-distance transportation of goods which often compete with local production.

“The Green Platform for this election is an exciting and very thorough plan to develop good sustainable jobs for the Sault, while looking after people and public health,” said Kara.  “The Green Party is the only political party in Ontario that takes climate change seriously, and has a comprehensive plan to address it.  Addressing climate change creates good local jobs and protects people and our future.”

Kara is a public health inspector with Algoma Public Health.  Voters can find out more about Kara’s ideas for jobs, people, and the planet, at https://gpo.ca/, or the local Greens’ Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/saultgreenparty/.



  1. The greens have created a disaster in BC, combining with the ndp to block the pipeline. The economy of Canada is at a disastrous crossroad. Trudeau has no backbone. Alberta’ ndp is running on fumes. The last thing we need in SSM is a green mpp. Good luck to all of us who pay the bills. June 7 is fast approaching. Please vote !!!

  2. I do not understand why a party with zero chance of being elected bothers to run? You would think that this lady should know that long before now. Like the guy said in the article about the NDP, a vote for other than PC is a vote for the Liberals which we surely do not want to have anything to do with running our country into the ground any further.

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