NEORN poses serious questions to politicians for upcoming Rail Summit

train track

The Passenger Rail Summit is being held April 19 at the Quattro Hotel in Sault Ste. Marie.

The Passenger Rail Summit is being sponsored by NEORN – Northeastern Ontario Rail Network – a grassroots group advocating the return of passenger rail services on existing rail infrastructure in Northeastern Ontario.

Our full day of speakers – over 20 – will talk about both the social and economic need as well as the benefits for northern communities, visitors and businesses.


NEORN is providing this opportunity to stakeholders to express their desires to see the return of passenger rail services – innovative, integrated and accessible services – in northeastern Ontario.

NEORN recognizes these services will require the financial investment of the government of the day in order to operate, just as any public transportation service is supported by government funds.

This Summit is not a political forum but instead an opportunity to have the stakeholders heard.

Politicians represent all stakeholders in ensuring the economic, employment and quality of life values of Efficient, Accessible, Affordable, Safe, Reliable and Environmentally Responsible Transportation.

To provide an opportunity for political parties to present political insights to the proposed LOOP, we have developed 3 questions for a response.

This response may be in person, by email or by video. They may be presented by a party MPP or their designate.

We welcome your participation and look forward to sharing your responses to the above questions during the last session of the day (4-4:30pm).

POLITICAL QUESTIONS – to be answered by video, e-mail or in person – 5 minutes per person please:

1. Is the proposed Northeastern Ontario Passenger Rail Loop opportunity supported by your party’s election platform?

2. Will your party commit to an immediate implementation plan for the Northeastern Ontario Passenger Rail Loop after the election?

(For example: Would your party begin the phased LOOP with the Toronto to Cochrane and Algoma Central Rail passenger train services and develop the balance of the loop to create an integrated service with feeder bus service within your mandate period?)

Questions for politicians who attend the summit in person:

3) What insights will you be bringing back to your party from this summit as to the socio-economic needs and values of Efficient, Effective, Accessible, Affordable, Safe, Reliable and Environmentally Responsible Transportation supported by the proposed Northeastern Ontario Passenger Rail Loop?

If there are any questions regarding your participation, please contact me directly at 705-789- 8903. Otherwise we look forward to your participation at the summit.



  1. It’s a major uphill battle that’s for sure. Many do not understand the massive amount of money it takes to run a railway/train service. In this area it’s just not feasible and is a huge money loser. It’s going to take the government or a billionaire that needs a big tax write off to make this happen around here.

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