Nominations Begin

Civic Centre

It’s time to get your paperwork in order if you’re thinking of being a candidate in this fall’s municipal election. Nominations for City Council and school board trustees will open Tuesday, May 1st at 8:30am and continue until July27th at 2pm.

Candidates must file a nomination form along with two pieces of identification showing their name, address and signature, and the filing fee.  If you’re looking to run for Mayor the fee is $200.00, for all other offices the fee is $100.00.

Along with the form and fee, Council candidates will also require the signatures of 25 electors. New for the 2018 election, these electors must also sign a declaration verifying they are eligible to vote. School trustees do not have to fulfill this requirement.

Any resident of Sault Ste Marie may be nominated for office providing they are over the age of 18, a Canadian citizen. A person or spouse of that person, who is the owner or tenant of land in the city, and is eligible to vote may also be nominated.

Candidates must file for nomination before they incur any expenses or  begin collecting any money.

This year’s municipal election will take place on Monday October 22nd.  Under the new 5 ward structure voters will elect 10 Councillors, 2 per ward, along with the Mayor. Voters will also select both English and French school board trustees.

The new ward structure is not the only change for the fall election. The Municipal Elections Act of 1996 underwent several changes following the 2014 election and a review by the provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Some of those changes include the shortening of the nomination and campaigning period. Campaign finance rules no longer permit contributions from corporations and trade unions.  These organizations will now have to support or register has a third party advertiser.

A framework covering third party advertising is now covered in the legislation.

The City has launched a new website that contains all the information a candidate will need to help them through the nomination and campaign process. The site contains nomination forms, election guidelines, third party advertising regulations and other resources for candidates.

Voters can also access the website for  voting information, including voters’ lists and locations, ward maps and eligibility requirements.







  1. Let’s see what we get this time around. We need some good quality people on board to move this city forward. Bring back services and attractions that will actually bring people to live here.

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