Norgoma Seeks $9,000 in a Go Fund Me Campaign


​The St. Mary’s River Marine Heritage Centre (SMRMHC) is excited to announce that it has recently released a GoFundMe with a goal of $9000.This crowdfunding campaign is the beginning of the SMRMHC’s initiative towards fundraising efforts a part of their newly refreshed Board of Directors. Donations to the SMRMHC provide the means to:

– Preserve on the few remaining Museum Ships in Ontario – Collect and preserve our vast marine history and heritage – Provide enhanced public access to our history and heritage through on-board displays and exhibitions – Provide outreach programming for children and adult visitors and patrons throughout our community

The Goal:  $2500 – Exhibits and Displays: Enhancements and repairs on current displays & improved collections management practices – $2500 – Interior Maintenance: Restoration of Crew Cabins and Washrooms creating an immersive visitor experience, taking visitors back to the days of the M.S Norgoma’s operation – $4000 – Exterior Maintenance: Restoration of exterior features to enhance the appearance of the ship and maintain the “jewel of the waterfront”.

Donations can be made to the SMRMHC:

– Through our “Support the MS Norgoma” GoFundMe page. – By mail to our charities ​P.O Box – Station Mall PO Box 23099 P6A 6W6 (cheques made payable to St. Mary’s River Marine Heritage Centre

The Museum Ship Norgoma is owned and operated by the St. Mary’s River Marine Heritage Centre, a non-profit charitable organization, tasked with telling the story of the St. Mary’s designated Heritage River on the historic Norgoma ship. For more information, please visit the website at: ​


  1. $9000.00? Is this some kind of joke?
    What is this for? paper towels and Windex to clean up the bird ####?
    The boat much like the the city roads has been neglected for 30 years too long, it is far beyond any local effort to revive it now.
    Take the guy up on his offer and shuffle it off to Buffalo.
    p.s. Great idea about Hollingsworth. Myers and any others that are thinking crazy thoughts like them.

  2. Lock Myers and Hollingsworth and the rest of the ninnies that agree with them in the brig and ship them off to wherever the boat is going. City council needs some new blood for certain.

  3. “jewel of the waterfront”?? 9000.00 isn’t going buy enough polish for that. Does anyone have any idea how much paint it will take to clean up the hull? What about the interior? Add another 0 to your requested amout and you might be close.

  4. Knowing our council…they will have to form a committee to decide on what to do. They are so afraid of making a decision…especially in an election year. Do your job city council and get this rusting hulk out of the waterfront. Let the guy who wants it PAY ALL removal costs involved.

    • The Norgoma is owned not by the city but by the board of Directors. The same board of directors who initiated this go fund me originally with a $2000 goal and very vague breakdown on how the board would use the money.

      • If the city in not involved…but a “board” is…. why then are they discussing it at council? Perhaps because its our tax dollars going to support a thing of the past. We could not afford to keep the fountain going but we can throw money at a rusting hulk of a ship. Priorities???

  5. This boat needs to either be sent off to the USA for a proper restoration, or sunk in Superior for divers to explore and make some new marine habitat. $9000 would do squat towards restoring it. Quit grasping at straws and remove this eye sore from our waterfront a.s.a.p.

  6. I respect that this boat has history directly related to our city and holds a lot of memories for a lot of people, but every summer, they open the doors to this boat for tourists and most of the time, I see no one boarding to take a look. I think it’s time to let go and lay this municipal eye soar to rest for good. The space it takes up can be put to better use and besides, the boat look to be in rough shape, not appealing to the eye and now turning into a potential environmental disaster. If someone is willing to remove the boat at their expense and revive the ship, it will likely have a better future that if it stays where it is and continues to fall apart or worst, sink. We need to set the Norgama free, for good.

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