Police Now Saying Woman Attacked by Mother Bear on Old Goulais Bay Road

file photo of bear spotted at Third Line area last Spring

On April 27, 2018 around 11:00pm a female had taken her dog out in the 600 block of Old Goulais Bay Road.

While out the mother bear and cubs were in the area. At some point the female was attacked by the mother bear which caused several puncture wounds to the victim’s back as well as cuts to her head.

Family members responded to calls for assistance and the bears ran off.

The victim was transported to Sault Area Hospital by EMS where she was treated for non life threatening injuries.


  1. Numbers run up to 400 from Third line north to Fourth Line. 600 is up Old Goulais Bay over the tracks. Just be careful please. I am going to be more vigilant.

  2. Have any one of you even been face to face with a bear? Then shut up already. Hears a big one, the article does not say some one was out walking. Who the heck are you to say when someone needs to take out the dog. My dogs go out before bed time, be it 10, 11 or 2 am. Really slam a person for being responsable because they did the proper thing! Went outside with their dog.
    Also heres a note once a bear has lost natural fear of human they never fear them which means this bear will attack again. I live in the country so you think I want your man made problem. Drop it off in my back yard. Nope the only rational thing is euthanize the thing. Dump bears are nolonger bears people. There city circus acts. There brazen, super strong and will Kill! If any one of you think a 1000 lb wild animal that will attack a human again should walk the streets in your city, good for you hopefully its your back yard next, me it would be on the end of lead poisoning backed but a real loud bang.
    By the way you wonder why people dont leave their name you cant, some of you people are just to dam hateful to each other. Its awful how cruel you can really be to your neighbours. Shame on you. If i lived in the Sault I would be knocking at that door asking what I can do to help the family not issue stupid judgments. For—–shame.

    • Show me a 1000 pound bear and I’ll show you a pink elephant!
      200-300 pounds is a much closer estimate, I have them traversing through my yard on a regular basis.

    • Settle down , MIMI.. By your standards we would have to euthanize half the worlds population, never mind only wild animals…How’d you feel about Spruce Haven, by the way? Did you want to put them all down too?

  3. I feel bad for the family, my deepest goes to them! That being said, people need to remember to watch what they’re doing in the summer and be careful! I’ve lived on the upper area of old Goulais bay road all my life and have never had an encounter with bears or even heard of anyone having an encounter, let alone someone being attacked, So the situation is a little weird to say the least! Either way, respect animals like we all should and we won’t have problems like this. If you want to point the finger, turn it and point your finger at yourself. People make these problems, not the animals! We put the dump there, me took over their forests, we run them over… etc, etc, etc!

  4. My dog gets me up every night between 1 and 3 for a squirt, more habit than need and it’s OK as I need one too at that time of night… Thing is, I wait a minute before I go out in the street, more for worries about two-legged things in the night than 4 legged, and I stay in well lit areas.. If the dog makes a fuss about anything out of the ordinary, we head for the door.. I have seen bears, deer and coyotes in Rosedale park in the wee hours but we have apple trees and garbage cans that can draw them so I am careful. Not a hunter or a naturalist, just believe in live and let live… Human or animal, we all have problems to deal with…..

  5. There was a report about mama bear & 3 cubs in that area. People in the area need to be more aware & cautious whether alone or otherwise.
    Also keep an eye on your pets no matter what time of day.

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