Road work continues to be a thorn for the city

road work ahead

Road construction and resurfacing is going to be a continued problem for the city as a report from the director of engineering will tell on Monday’so city council meeting.

Each year, the majority of the miscellaneous construction budget is allocated to road resurfacing. As noted in previous reports, the $1.3 million miscellaneous construction budget is insufficient to meet the increasing need to resurface roads.

Further, the rising costs of construction are slowly eroding the effectiveness of the program. The engineering division foresees several arterial road sections that will require resurfacing in the next few years.

For example, McNabb Street between Grand Boulevard and Lake Street is estimated to be in the range of $4 million. Other examples include Northern Avenue, Wallace Terrace, Pim Street and Allen’s Side Road to name a few. Such resurfacing projects will have to be included in future capital roads programs which in turn reduces the effectiveness of that program.

The resurfacing program attempts to address critical needs for all four classes of road surface:

  • Class A (asphalt roads with curbs and storm sewers)
  • Class B (asphalt road with ditches)
  • Class C (surface treated roads)
  • Class D (roads with gravel surfaces)

The resurfacing budget includes an allowance for surface treatment. The city has many surface treated roads that would perform better if they had an asphalt surface. Surface treatment is an inexpensive way of putting a hard surface on low-volume roadways, but does not work well on higher volume roads, especially bus routes.

For several years, some of the surface treatment allocation has been used to convert Class C roads that are bus routes to Class B to improve longevity.

The resurfacing budget for 2018 is $1.164 million.

Council is aware that there is no Connecting Link funding, so there will be no resurfacing on City arterial roads in 2018. The recommended 2018 program includes the following streets:

Class A: The budget is insufficient to complete any Class A roads.

Class B:

  • People’s Road from Third line to Fourth Line: Pulverize and pave Class B
  • Shore Drive from Pine St. to east limit: Pulverize and upgrade to Class B
  • Royce Avenue from Wallace Terrace to Ransome Drive: Pulverize and upgrade to Class B

Class C: The following streets will be provided with new surface treatment:

  • Brookfield Avenue from Second Line to the south limit
  • Laurier Avenue from Second Line to the south limit

A quantity of crack routing and sealing, and full lane patches will also be included in the contract, budget permitting.

A construction tender will be issued for the above noted works and, upon closure, a recommendation for award will be brought back to Council.


  1. This is what happens when you allow a corrupted city government to pilfer the budget for “alternative uses” for so many years.

    Mismanagement, misallocation, and simply missing money tend to lead to urban rot and decay. Your city and it’s council knew this, saw this, and yet continued to ignore it.

    Why should your roads be in any better condition than the rest of the systems that the municipality has allowed to degrade?

  2. How terribly sad. It’s like a video game driving around this city, continuously maneuvering around land mines (huge pot holes) everywhere you go. They haven’t allowed near enough in the budget for decades to keep up on the road repairs. It’s a total lost cause now.
    Be prepared to pay for heavy damage to your vehicles cause by the city’s neglect.

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