SMC Teachers take pies to the face for Cancer Awareness Campaign! (13 photos)


St. Mary’s College (SMC) students had a little fun for a good cause as part of annual their Cancer Awareness Campaign.

At the expense, of course, of their favourite teachers!

Students had the opportunity to purchase pies for a minimum donation of $1.00 to smear the faces and heads of the teachers who volunteered to take part in the event.


The event was put on by SMC Student Council, one of several events the group of students is hosting for the annual campaign.

Other events included a campaign kick off on Monday and a student/teacher soccer game Tuesday.

Coming up this week, the students will also have a spring talent show and a bake sale.

Tiana Bressan, Student Council President at SMC “It’s to raise money, but it’s also to raise awareness and build community spirit.”

Money raised from the pie event will either go to local families affected by cancer or to the Canadian Cancer Society, depending on how much is raised and how student council votes.