Tenants Evacuated in Apartment Fire


Hundreds of tenants in an apartment complex just down from the Moose Lodge on Trunk road were evacuated Monday night due to a fire reported on the second floor of the four storey building.

According to tenants in the building, heavy smoke was located on the second floor, all tenants were evacuated while Sault Fire Services investigated the call.

Ambulance, Sault Police and several Sault Firefighters  were on scene. Evacuated tenants were huddled to a city transit bus for warmth.

No major fire damage was reported to the unit. Tenants on the first , third and fourth floors were allowed back into the building. Second Floor tenants were transported via city transit to a shelter according to a witness who lives in the building.

Sault Online.com will update when more information is available.


  1. This is not the first time the guy set fire to his place every time ems fire department go to apt ### he puts up a fight this time hand cuffs where used I feel sorry for the dog

    • Where u taken to a shelter we wherent we where home all night once they cleared everyone to go back in other then the bad smell of smoke in are place it wasn’t take bad once we aired it out

    • Noooo. My friend came to get me as I didn’t know how long everyone would be outside as it was cold and my hair was wet. I just got out of the shower. I didn’t know what was going on.

    • Mine was bad though. You could see the line of smoke in the air as I could cut it with a knife. That’s how it was lurking in my house and it was too smoky. I couldn’t handle it so I went to my friends. And yes I saw you guys as I was leaving the area.

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