“There Isn’t a Cup That The Scott Coffee Shop Can’t Fill” !!!


Running a small independent business…especially a coffee shop isn’t an easy task but she’s going to give it a go…. I am talking about Sarah Huckson who is the proprietor of the upcoming indie coffee shop; The Scott Coffee Company.

 In case you are not aware, Sarah is a young lady who won an entrepreneurial contest last year and with her modest winnings of $15 000, she has decided to try her lady luck at running a coffee shop. I’ve got a feeling though, that “try” isn’t a fitting word. I think she is bound to succeed and here is why.

Sarah hasn’t gone into this venture blind ; she has many years of experience working in the field where she plied her trade at the previous (and still of my opinion the best-darned Coffee shop this city has seen) Steamy Bean. She is also a very educated young lady who holds a university degree in French from Algoma U.

In order to qualify for the grant, she has shown she is a hard worker as the money was not just given to her. She had to attend many workshops, create a business plan, and this was also followed by 6 months of mentor meetings. So I can’t see a weakness in her game in regards to passion and work ethic.

Sarah though has already seen a few hurdles along the way in regards to this venture. Nothing comes easy in life right? Hard work makes things happen and that is what young Sarah is finding out as she has had to postpone her public announcements about her venture until now.

I have been corresponding with Sarah for awhile and she has graciously given Saultonline.com the rights to announce that she will be opening the doors for her first lineup of customers near the second week ending in May. Saultonline.com will update an exact date very soon.

The new venture will be located near her family’s historic Huckson Corners.

To be EXACTA MUNDO, The Scott Coffee Co. will be directly to the right of the Golden Dragon restaurant in the Lowes/Metro plaza.  There will never be a parking issue and it’s actually the “centre of it all” (location)….not Station Mall.😜!!!

Sarah’s plans are to open up this shop as a TEMPORARY pop up (4 months) while she is renovating the old dry cleaners directly across the way where the permanent operation will be.

The theme and decor according to Sarah will be a mix of vintage with modern. There will shades of the coffee rainbow mixed with Blue Mountain pottery for some Canadiana.

According to Sarah ” we’ll be incorporating a lot of local art, be it through what products we are serving, what’s on the walls, or who is playing live”.

It sounds to me that she has quite a plan for us !!

I also asked her about what is going to make her shop unique and she told me that she plans on having board games, books available to read, records to play🎵, and the choices of interesting products she sells will also be setting her apart from the chains.

One of the unique products that she is proud to bring to the Soo is the Ca Phe Sua Da. ??? Don’t tell me you don’t know what that is 😜. Ok, it’s new to me as well, but when Sarah was in Vietnam and living and learning, she was introduced to a “sweet iced coffee” while she mingled the streets of Ho Chi Minh city. She “totally fell in love with it and was hooked!”

Sarah is going to try and use mostly local products (coffee etc) and ingredients and this is why I’m sure she will succeed in her venture. It seems that she has done her homework and realizes that we are tired of the stale frozen baking etc, that are shipped in from out of town. She wants her customers to enjoy something fresh, and at the same time feel good that they are contributing to the local economy.

Sarah says that her shop will cater to all demographics; kids on study breaks, people on work breaks, friends catching up, or people that just want to read, listen to tunes, or just sit and think while enjoying the great “javatsphere” (word’s patent is pending 😜)

As Sarah quite elaborately says ” I’d like to think that there isn’t a cup that The Scott Coffee Shop can’t fill” Well said, and you just bought yourself a title. You should probably patent it too!!

The name Scott if you are curious is simply a name that she says will be easy for people to recall/remember, as well as it has significance in her family. Apparently, it has been a “lucky” name for them.

Luck seems to be on her side all right; the location of the shop also sits on her Great Great Grandparents property and their house (pictured). She also says that the land held vast apple orchards. This endeavor actually sounds more like it’s fate, not luck.

So if you are in the market for a new place to hang out and love supporting local, I think the Scott Coffee Company will be able to fill that void.

For more information please check out this young ladies website www.scottcoffee.co

Let’s Share this article and help her succeed !!

Coffeeaholics…..There is A New Kid In Town.

Get in line, the doors are about to open.

Ernest Skinner Jr.

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Ernest Skinner
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  1. Nice article in support of small local entrepreneurs enjoyed the queen st. Location a lot. Nice that you share these items.

  2. Good for you Sarah — next time i am in the Soo i will definitely drop by and have a cup or two/

  3. The Steamy Bean was always a favourite place of mine to visit when I came home on holidays. I hope she brings back the pumpkin Thai soup to. This is definitely a type of establishment the Soo needs. I’ve lived all over the country and travelled to over 20 countries and it has always surprised me how the city never really had a patio or coffee culture. Can’t wait for my next trip home to try it out and wish Sarah the best of luck.

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