Three Crashes Involving School Buses

School Bus

(North Bay, ON) – Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Regional Traffic Inspector Scott Hlady is reminding everyone to keep an eye out for school buses.

In less than 48 hours we have responded to three collisions involving school buses within the North East Region (NER). One crash resulted in a fatality on Highway 17 and the other two crashes resulted in minor injuries.

The school year continues and winter weather conditions persist to be challenging. It is important that motorists give full attention to driving when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

“Buses are not difficult to see on our roadways so please focus on driving when behind the wheel. These are preventable crashes.”


  1. Seen a bus on secondline stop 4 times in a row at each house. They would drive then slam the breaks on, 2 times no one got off the bus or on. Seemed like tie driver was doing it on purpose to piss drivers off as the bus was sitting there longer than normal.
    Buses should have 1 designated stop for all the kids instead of going basically door to door in some areas

  2. I’ve also seen a lot of close calls, some drivers are irresponsible and reckless. If possible I follow the bus, get the route # and call the Bus Company and report the incident.

  3. Police can’t be everywhere at once and there is no quota. As for the bus, they are a lot bigger and cannot stop as fast – not saying you’re in the wrong but I would never blame a bus for pulling out in front of me downtown SSM.

  4. As I was driving down Queen this morning a school bus pulled out from Boundary onto Queen right in front of me. Had to hit the breaks so I didn’t hit the bus. I wasn’t turning, just going down Queen. Guess it was in a hurry to get to Oak Park Crescent where it turned.

  5. People are STILL hacking yacking on cellphones while driving or texting while driving…. it doesn’t seem to matter that rules are rules when no one is really enforcing them. Only when the quota matters does the rules become implemented. Not right at all. It should be an all the time thing. 24/7/365! No excuses!! No one can bring back a lost loved one, especially a child who was struck and killed by a tester or cellphone gabbing phone addict! I see near accidents all the time when I’m out driving. My phone is on dnd the moment I get in the truck, and then I proceed to turn on my truck, no call or text is more important than arriving alive at the next destination. PERIOD!!

  6. Less accidents are preventable if people would put their cell phones down….I see it everyday like there’s no law against it

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