Trudeau urged to press G7 leaders for $1.3 billion for girls education


OTTAWA — A coalition of 30 non-governmental organizations has asked Justin Trudeau to persuade his fellow G7 leaders to commit $1.3 billion over three years to help send millions of the world’s poorest girls to school.

The Canadian Press has learned that the coalition of groups — which included the United Nations Children’s Fund, World Vision, Save The Children and Plan Canada — presented its plan to the prime minister and Liberal government officials three weeks ago.

They presented a detailed analysis that showed the spending commitment would help 3.7 million children in poor countries — the majority girls — get access to education.

Trudeau said Thursday he would push for more funding for girls’ education when he hosts the G7 leaders in Quebec in June, but he has yet to make a commitment.

The heads of major aid agencies say Trudeau must have a plan with money attached because vague G7 declarations of intent simply won’t be enough to back his pro-feminist aspirations and rhetoric.

The anti-poverty group, One Campaign, headed by U2 singer Bono, criticized Trudeau earlier this week for moving too slowly on his G7 gender promises after it presented Trudeau with its own five-year, US$6-billion plan late last year.

The Canadian Press


  1. justin, seriously, 1.3 billion for girls education ????? Hiw about $500 for you. That’s right $500 for a rash course in basic economics 101 & 102. You need it just to understand that it’s your job to create jobs. ie. Let Trans Mountain build their freakin pipeline so 1000’s of good paying jobs will be created. And you can take all the credit mr. pm. We don’t care; just do it !!! This gender equality passion you seem to lose sleep over can wait. All Canadians are waiting for you to do your job. Not just your special interest groups. Seriously!!!!!!!!!

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