Volunteers wanted to help plant trees for river bank restoration

planting trees

The Rural-Agri Innovation Network (RAIN), a division of the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC), is looking for twenty eager and ready to work volunteers to help a Laird Township producer plant trees in efforts to restore a shoreline along Bar River.

Ed Lapish, a property owner and producer on the Bar River in Laird Township will participate in the project, “Riparian Awareness and Action with Algoma Producers and Communities” funded by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. This project will restore the Bar River shoreline in planting shrubs and trees along the river bank as well as installing fencing to ensure cattle cannot access the river bank in the future.

“Riparian zones are areas of land adjacent to rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands, comprised mostly of water plants, saturated soil, and associated ecosystems. The zones are critical in terms of preventing soil erosion,” said David Thompson, RAIN Project Coordinator, SSMIC. “This project will benefit fish habitat, water quality and the producer to be environmentally sustainable.”

RAIN is leading the project with Mr. Lapish, community groups and volunteers to enhance the riparian zone within the Lake Huron watershed, and working with local collaborators such as Central Algoma Freshwater Coalition (CAFC), The Kensington Conservancy, and Clean North.

Volunteers can earn upwards of 20 volunteer hours, beginning with a workshop/training session on Friday May 18, which is a PD day for high school students, prior to the planting date. The workshop will give volunteers instructions on proper tree planting techniques and knowledge on riparian zones. A Restoration Specialist will be present for the workshop and planting days to help volunteers.

Depending on the number of volunteers, this will determine the time allotted in total to complete the planting portion of the project. Any volunteers are welcome and high school students are encouraged to apply to help earn volunteer hours. The workshop and planting dates will be convenient for student participation. Carpooling and volunteering with a friend is encouraged, as transportation is not provided.

Visit http://rainalgoma.ca/rain-agriculture/volunteers/ for more information and to sign-up as a volunteer, or contact Mikala Parr, RAIN Research Technician, at 705 942 7927 ext. 3046 or [email protected].


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