W7 summit leaders end conference hoping their recommendations not ignored by G7


OTTAWA — Feminist leaders from around the world who met this week in Ottawa say they have many nuanced ideas to address gender discrimination and inequality, but some are not convinced their recommendations will be heard at the upcoming G7 meetings.

The first ever W7 summit ends today in Ottawa, after three days of discussions among a group of over 60 women aimed at ensuring the voices of grassroots feminist activists from around the world are heard when G7 leaders meet in La Malbaie, Que., in June.

Their final recommendations are still being developed and will be delivered to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the G7 gender advisory council in May, but a communique outlines some key themes from the three-day conference.

Women involved in the discussions say they were happily surprised at how easily and quickly they were able to reach consensus on ideas they believe should be priorities for G7 leaders.

But some are skeptical about whether their final recommendations will be acted upon or championed by Trudeau in June.

The W7 participants are calling on G7 leaders to invest in decent work and livelihoods, universal public services, social protection based on needs, reduction of unpaid care work as well as a more comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive justice.



The Canadian Press