We’ve Got This takes to the streets to promote mental health awareness

We've Got This
Photo courtesy of Sara McCleary.

On April 21st, We’ve Got This SSM started an important conversation surrounding mental health and mental illness.

It involved walking off the stigma.

This grassroots organization, with the goal to raise awareness about and support those who suffer from mental illness and addictions, walked to help fight the stigma surrounding addictions and mental health.

It was their first formal event as an organization, and approximately 30 people showed up to take part.

We've Got This
Photo courtesy of Sara McCleary.

“The idea was to walk on the streets to raise awareness more publicly, so people who aren’t already part of this conversation would take notice and join,” Sara McCleary, event organizer, told SaultOnline.

Shaun King, event participant, shared his reason for coming out,

“I suffered depression, so I wanted to support it to raise awareness. But I also wanted to come out to show support for the people who deal with it on a bigger basis than I do.”

The free event consisted of a one mile walk from Enji Maawnjiding, located at Sault College, followed by a feast, gathering, and sharing circle at Enji.

Their plan is to have one event a month, so stay tuned for future events and help end the stigma around mental health, mental illness, and addictions.

You can check out some information on their next event here.


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