Will This Winter Ever End?


Most people were probably a little shocked, perhaps disappointed or just fed up when they looked outside this morning to see a new fresh blanket of snow and looking like January instead of early April.

Another low pressure system moved through overnight leaving behind about 10 cm of light fluffy snow and it’s not over yet. A cold front will slide through today kicking off another wave of snow showers and potentially 5 to 7cm with some cold northerly winds that will blow the new snow around.

Consider this, we should be seeing temperatures around 7c for a daytime high at this time of year and most of the snow should be gone. In Sault Ste. Marie, on average, the snowpack is gone by April 10th, give or take a day or two. This year, we could be stuck with the snow until approximately April 21, if the forecast holds true that is.

A gradual warming is expected to develop next week. With some real warmth arriving the week after pushing our temperatures to about 10c. On average however, April appears to be well below normal as far as temperatures are concerned. A 39 percent chance of seeing some sort of precipitation on any given day will remain with us until the end of April.

Your typical Spring-Like weather won’t arrive until the first week of May where the long range forecast sees a wave of warmer air in the 18c range moving in…finally.



  1. It seems winter settles in around Christmas which is about a month later than it was when I was a kid…many years ago. However we pay for that late start to winter by adding a month on in the spring(April). I have observed that for the past several years we have really not had a traditional SPRING. The weather kind of goes from winter to summer. I guess we can’t have it both ways. This too shall pass.

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