A portion of Ontario Avenue may be renamed


City council tonight approved that information come back to council regarding the renaming of a portion of Ontario Avenue.

The request came of the commanding officer of the 49th Field Regiment.

It may be renamed to Garrison Way in honour of all the soldiers that have served Canada.

Look for this matter coming to council in the future as to what the final decision is and how it affects Ontario Avenue.


  1. Once again, our politicians are up to absolutely nothing as they debate over a sign that should be changed to honour our fallen… I seriously wonder what that day has cost tax payers, or time spent?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about our fallen soldiers throughout history

  2. Ya know if city had surplus money and nothing better to do why not but really – they seem to keep wasting money and keep raising taxes. Is this really important. How much time, money and resources were wasted for what? What does this accomplish?

    • To avoid this being a tax-payer funded venture, the City should offer a Naming Rights auction. The successful bidder will cover the costs of the auction, new signage and all associated maintenance for the street (or portion thereof). Sit back and watch these lame proposals die a quick death.

  3. More than enough valuable time has been spent on this nonsense. Leave Ontario Avenue alone. When is council going to tackle important issues…or…are they continuing to act like lame ducks until just BEFORE the next election. That election cannot come soon enough .

  4. This is foolish. A silly request by someone who should know better than to waste time and money even contemplating an inane and insignificant gesture.
    I say this as the son of two parents who served in WW2

  5. It’s time to stop changing things like street names and concentrate on more important things like road repair ,bicycle paths and employment for our youths to give them experience in the work force.

    • Giving a single, contiguous street, multiple names – SMH. Lots of cities fall into that trap of street renaming proposals as it makes them feel they are accomplishing something. It’s unnecessary, a waste of time and money and most people oppose these silly changes. There are more important things to be focusing on. If the City is stuck for ideas – start with Anne-Marie’s list and don’t be afraid to ask for others.

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