Algoma Elementary Teachers Federation Throws Support Behind NDP Candidates.


At our executive meeting on Friday, May 25, we voted to endorse the two local NDP candidates, Michele McCleave-Kennedy in the Sault Ste. Marie riding and Michael Mantha in the Algoma-Manitoulin riding.We have reviewed the information put out by the NDP Party. We have also noted and discussed the lack of a specific and detailed plan from either the Ontario Liberal or Conservative Parties. We have looked at the key elements of ETFO’s Building Betters School campaign and have found that the NDP plan best works with what we believe is needed to improve the education system in Ontario now and for the future.

NDP’s plan to improve schools through changes to the funding formula, necessary class size caps, a clear focus on safety and reduction of persistent violence and the restructuring of EQAO testing, allowing millions to be spent in areas of need will be a great benefit to all staff, students and families in the education community.

Michele’s work over the past years through her position as an educational worker with OSSTF fighting for the reduction of violence in the workplace locally and provincially truly helped bring attention and begin steps toward changing a growing epidemic.

Her work to support strengthening wages, health, and safety laws and fighting mental health and poverty issues as the President of the SSM and District Labour Council have been exemplary. Michele brings a knowledge of small business needs and has spoken quite strongly of social issues.

Michael’s work in the Legislature in the past terms to support infrastructure development of highways and rail has been phenomenal. Support of health care issues and local environmental issues have been great for all the North. His presence at community events and openness to discuss issues and gather information clearly demonstrates the care and concern for the region. We thank Michael for working so hard on behalf of the people of Algoma-Manitoulin.

Please take the time to read ETFO’s plan for Building Better Schools. Make an informed decision for yourself. See how the NDP plan is the best choice for Education and Ontario. Advanced polls are now open and listed on your voting card. Election Day is Thursday, June 7. Get out and use your voice to direct the next several years in the right direction.

Sincerely, Lee Mason
President Algoma Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario