All Candidates Debate LIVE ONNtv


The first televised all candidates debate takes place exclusively ONNtv Live at 4pm . The 90 minute debate will also be re-broadcast tonight at 8pm

The debate invited all candidates to participate. Moderated by Lou-Anne Young along with ONNtv’s Tim Murphy and from the Chamber of Commerce Rory Ring.

To view the debate LIVE at 4pm  CLICK HERE


  1. Just like I thought Ross, you wont answer the Question of where the cuts are going to come from, you just deflect it onto the NDP. WHY CAN’T YOU ANSWER? Then you just attack and try to spread fear the whole time. Keep on fear mongering and not answering questions. Showing your true hateful colours. Stooping so low as to talk about Hitler. Seriously Disgusting behavior you sure sounded alot like Hitler the way you were ranting and shouting tonight, Ross Romano. How can anyone vote for this guy? What an embarrassment. Same old conservatives. Don’t buy into their lies all they are doing is fear mongering. We are better than this SSM. #NeverFord #NeverRomano

    A Voter.

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