All for a Good Cause


What would you do for a good cause? James Kerr Superior Heights, Elementary Vice Principal, and Secondary Vice Principal Steve Caruso thought Pedal for Possibilities was a great reason to participate in Entomica’s Cockroach Cranium.

If you saw The Amazing Race Canada episode you are familiar with the challenge. The event was inspired by the episode, explained Bug Wrangler, Maxime Girin-Ouellet. In the episode one member of the team  was in the Cranium while the other member counted the cockroaches as they crawled around the box.

There was no counting of the cockroaches at this event. In this challenge the pair just at to sit there as the creatures crawled around their heads. The pair were selected by students and staff making donations for the teacher or staff member they would most like to see in the cranium.  Imagine the Vice Principals receiving the most donations.

“It gives the kids a chance to see us suffer” said Caruso. And suffer they did.

“One crawled in my ear. That was really gross” said Kerr.

“The whole thing was uncomfortable,” commented Caruso.

Both thought the smell was disgusting. Both agreed it was for a good cause.


All of the proceeds of the event went to the United Way’s “Pedal for Possibilities,”

Pedals for Possibilities is a two day cycling event taking place on May 16th and 17th. Over the two days, United Way  Campaign Chair Sonny Spina will bike 283 kilometres through Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma District with a goal of raising $283,000.00!  You can learn more about the event here.

It was estimated $1,000 was collected at this event, which also students and staff donate to participate in the Tarantula  Challenge. Participates   experienced the feeling of holding a rather large hair spider.

This was just one of the events the school has held to contribute to the United Way fundraiser.

Schools that have fundraisers for Pedal for Possibilities also have a chance at earning an Engagement Grant, courtesy of Winmar. If a school be named one of the Top Ten Creative School ‘s for fundraising, they will receive a grant of $283. to put towards a project that supports the work of the United Way.

You  can learn more about the United Way here.

You can learn more about Entomica here.