Are You Ready ?


Are you ready for an emergency? What would you do if you were suddenly told you had to evacuate your home?

Lauren Perry, Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Sault Ste Marie, wants you to be ready. SaultOnline caught up with Perry at the Emergency Preparedness Showcase, held Saturday at the John Rhodes.

Perry was there to tell people how important it is to be prepared for an emergency. Perry explained there are three parts to Emergency Preparedness It starts with an Emergency Survival Kit. The kit should contain everything you and your family need to survive for 3 days says Perry, non-perishable food, water, cell chargers, medications are just some of the items that should be in the kit.

Perry recommends that the items be kept in a tote or bag that can be easily found so it is ready to go in the event of a sudden evacuation.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive item Perry says that most items can be found at a dollar store. “You can put a kit together for around $20.00” says Perry.

The second part is to talk to your family and make a plan. Discuss with family members what would happen during an emergency, Perry recommends that the family have a planned meeting place, a safe place away from the emergency.

An out of town contact is also a good idea. Perry explained that during an emergency it is sometimes easier to make a long distance call. Family members can check in with the contact to ensure everyone is safe.

The third part of emergency preparedness is to know the risks.  Be aware of the risks that are common in your area and learn how to react safely.

Despite, fortunately living in an area that has never had to face an overwhelming disaster that doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen here.  Perry uses Fort McMurray as an example, “that’s a city about the size of the Sault that is surrounded by forest, we are surrounded by forest.”   An emergency doesn’t need to be that tragic however to cause problems, think blizzards that can knock out power or close stores for days and it starts to feel a little more likely.

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