Breaking News. Ontario Northland Passenger Train Derailment

Ontario Northland Train Derailment. South of Moosonee, Ontario. Photo courtesy Dan Beck.

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, at approximately 8:00 pm, there was a serious incident with the southbound Polar Bear Express passenger train 24 miles south of Moosonee.

The train derailed with passengers and crew on board. Ontario Northland stated that an emergency response plan has been initiated and there are no reported serious injuries.

Ontario Northland states that they are in the process of arranging transportation for passengers to Cochrane or Moosonee. “We will continue to provide updates until service is restored. Please check back for more information.” a media release states.

According to passenger Dan W. Beck, there were approximately 78 people on board and some have sustained minor injuries.

For assistance or information on an immediate family member,  contact Ontario Northland at 1-800-265-2356. will provide information as updates become available.


    • I expect that every train derailment will now be blamed on ISIS. Long before the cause of such things is ever truly revealed.

      Not to make light of the threat but derailments and happen near daily just some more severe than others. And immediately sending the blame is just helping to spread the fear and hate they thrive on.

      • The comments section will always default to terrorism as a cause. I’m a locomotive engineer of thirty years’ service on a major railway and have been involved in a high speed derailment myself, as well as a few smaller affairs over the years. Terrorism did not cause my recent derailment, but five other factors did. The cause of a derailment is often not immediately obvious, and I defer to the experts at the TSB who are paid and trusted by Canadians to figure this out. I suggest that others consider the same.

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