Bringing Home Medals

Brody Hill (left) Terry Colizza (centre) and Andrew Evans (right)

This year we are very proud and excited that our community had three athletes participating in the Special Olympics National Bowling Championships in PEI (May 13-17).  Andrew Evans, Brody Hill and Terry Colizza are bringing home medals!  Congratulations to each of them!

Terry Colizza 2nd, Brody Hill 2nd and Andrew Evans 4th in Singles.

Brody Hill and Daniel Martynse for their 1st Place and to Terry Colizza and Andrew Evans for their 2nd Place in Doubles.

Terry Colizza and Andrew Evans 1st place Team event.

team pic with coach Lori Savage (middle back) David Ferrier (upper left) Todd Courier (lower left) Andrew Evans (lower right)

All events placements Brody Hill 1st, Andrew Evans and Terry Colizza each placing 2nd in their divisions.

A Pasta Dinner Fundraiser is being held on Friday May 25 at Grand Gardens Downtown to assist us in raising the remaining funds required to support these athletes!

If you’d like more information email [email protected]


  1. Congrats guys, you all did great! Proud of our local team. All of team Ontario did very well. It was a fun and exciting time in P.E.I. Thank you, Saultonline, for picking this up.

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