Canada Post Stamps Out Hunger in the Sault! (14 photos)

stamp out hunger

Saturday May 12th, our local postal service workers hit the streets with friends and family to pick up food donations to help feed the less fortunate in our community.

All proceeds from the drive went to our local Soup Kitchen.

Citizens were asked to place non-perishable food donations in a bag, and attach the pink flyer associated with the event, before 10:00am, when the volunteers would begin the pick-ups.

As the girlfriend of a Canada Post Employee, I had the pleasure of joining this dedicated crew for the morning event.

Rob (my partner) and I took on a portion of the streets in the east end of town, and had completely filled our vehicle in no time.

We had so much fun prowling for houses with that big pink flyer, the morning flew by.

We were met with such a great response from community members who we saw throughout our run, that were grateful that Canada Post was taking this on, and were so happy to play a part in it.

stamp out hunger
Rob with his first (of many!) bag pick ups of the day!
stamp out hunger
These bags were heavier than they looked!
stamp out hunger
Our car at the end! It was a good haul.

It is my belief that events like this are truly great for the community because it allows for citizens to contribute, to give back, in a meaningful – yet strikingly simple – way. Giving back and contributing leads to positive change and brings people together, from one neighbourhood to another.

Mike Murphy, a Canada Post Letter Carrier, spearheaded this food drive, having been inspired by other Canada Post Offices doing it in other cities and seeing huge success.

He said, “I pitched it to management, but I knew we couldn’t take on something like this without enough volunteers, but everyone really came together. Over 100 people signed up to take part on the first day, so we proceeded with making the flyers and really getting the word out.”

He continued, “I thought it would be a great thing for our city, you know we see hunger creeping into our streets, even in the more affluent neighbourhoods.”



Filling two trucks and one-third of another, It is estimated that the drive brought in over 25,000 pounds of non-perishable food items.

To contextualize the sheer volume Saultites contributed, consider that a drive in Thunder Bay brought in 22,000 pounds, and they have almost twice the population of the Sault.

What this proves is that we are a resilient community that can really come together for a cause.

This was the first event of its kind by Canada Post in Sault Ste. Marie, and Murphy has told me that the intention is for it to be annual event. So if you didn’t get the chance to take part this year, keep an eye for that pretty pink flyer next May!