Candidates Respond to Mayor


Two of the local candidates for the provincial election have responded to the statement released earlier today by Mayor Provenzano.  In his statement the Mayor requested the commitment of the candidates and their leaders to the successful restructuring of Algoma Steel.  Read the Mayors’ statement here.

NDP candidate Michele McCleave-Kennedy, and Liberal candidate Jaclynne Hamel both expressed their commitment to the process  and promised to advocate  to their  potential prospective  governments  for a successful conclusion to the Algoma’s Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) proceeding

In a letter to the Mayor which was also sent to SaultOnline, Hamel expresses her support for a successful and timely conclusion to the process.  She writes “Under Premier Wynne’s government, significant progress has been made.  I am of the strong belief that we should continue to support this process through honouring the hard work that has been done by all the parties thus far.”

Hamel also requested a meeting with the Mayor to discuss the issue.

McCleave-Kennedy, responded by way of press release. “ I am happy to pledge that as MPP for Sault Ste. Marie I will work with the parties to the CCAA, other levels of government, and steelworkers for the equitable and quick resolution to the CCAA process at Essar-Algoma. “

She also states Andrea Horwath   “has repeatedly called on the current government to act on the CCAA restructuring process faced by Essar-Algoma to help our steel workers, their families, and our community, and to fight on behalf of retirees so that they go to the front of the line of any CCAA process.”


  1. I think we all know how each candidate will respond. They will say exactly what they want voters to hear…with no thought to the fact they have been absent the past few years and will never deliver on what they promise today.

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