Chamber and NDP Candidate Meet

Michele Mccleave

Sault Ste Marie – NDP candidate Michele McCleave-Kennedy met today with Sault Ste Marie Chamber of Commerce CEO Rory Ring.

“I’d like to thank Mr. Ring for meeting with me today. We had a good talk about some of the issues small business owners are currently facing here in Sault Ste. Marie,” said McCleave-Kennedy of the meeting.

“As a former small business owner myself, I understand the importance of making sure that the government fosters an environment that helps businesses grow and prosper. Small businesses are the backbone of Ontario’s economy.”

The pair discussed some of the more common issues Ring hears from Chamber members, including increased hydro rates, the need to look at the way apprenticeships work, and the high cost of doing business in Ontario.

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet one on one with NDP candidate Michele McCleave-Kennedy to discuss not only our platform Vote Prosperity but also issues that are affecting business right here in Sault Ste. Marie,” said Ring. “As a non-partisan business organization, we encourage all parties to better the competitive environment for business. The Chamber is committed to working with government to ensure economic prosperity for all of Ontario.

“We thank McCleave-Kennedy for having an open mind and listening to our ask of all parties in this election.”

Having worked on the Community Adjustment Committee, McCleave-Kennedy understands that the Sault needs change, and that the NDP’s platform addresses many of the local business concerns that came up in the committee’s work.

“Our platform will bring Change for the Better to everyone in Sault Ste Marie, including local businesses,” said McCleave-Kennedy. “We’re going to have a government with no shocks or surprises for businesses, and I’m looking forward to working together with local businesses and the Chamber to create good jobs and support our community to build a more prosperous Sault Ste Marie for everyone.”


  1. Me. Fata…why are you willing to support the Conservatives who have yet to bring forth a platform as to how they are going to pay for their promises???

  2. let’s cut to the chase folks. The ndp are not going to make life better for Saultites. the ndp want to spend more then the lieberals, if that’s even possible. The ndp mantra is “free,free,free,free,free ….. And if by some miracle or worse, many Ontarians actually believe the ndp have the solutions to fix this once proud province end up voting for horwath, the libs and the ndp will be fighting for 2nd place. Folks, horwath should be running in her last election as the leader of the ndp. Seriously !!! Let’s hope the adults in the room get out and vote on June 7. We need change….yes, but not the change horwath is purposing. Please………………..

      • b, I still haven’t decided. I’m hoping some youthful, intelligent, caring, non leftist people come forward and put their names in. This council needs an overhaul. We’ll see what develops. Change is coming on June 7. Can’t wait.

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