City allocates surplus funds to splash pad


In a narrow 7-6 vote in favour of allocating surplus capital budget funds, city council voted in favour of further funding of the splash pad and road resurfacing .

What does it amount to in total: just over $230,000.

The funds will be split between the splash pad and road resurfacing.

This does not mean the splash pad will be expanded, it will simply be more fully funded.

What does the remaining mean for roads? One class B residential road may be fixed or pot holes in one residential class A road may be filled.

City councilor Steve Butland was against the notion of budgeting “on the fly” as he called it.

Several city councilors that voted against the motion were in favour of the full amount going towards road resurfacing.

Public Works confirmed that they are so far behind in road resurfacing that $100,000 or $200,000+ would not make much of a difference but would bring them a little closer to meeting their deficit.

Councilor Matthew Shoemaker asked for the funds be placed with the splash pad and with possible new technology in the form of new equipment for the aid of road resurfacing.


    • Your are such a twat Kara just shut up get private investors on board and prove them wrong if your so convinced this would work sorry but the soo won’t fall for garforth round 2 or will they.

      • Well Kurk, Are you going to use the splash pad – your family? Personally, in the summer I’d rather head to the beach whenever I can(always did with my kids). This splash pad will get about two months of heavy use every year. Basically weekends only in June and then July and August. The city has a tendency to shut down any summer venue at Labour Day. This isn’t southern Ontario where they get four months of sometimes extremely hot weather an indoor water park of some sort would have been a better investment.
        We used to have a tiny splash pad at Bellevue Park. They removed it for fear of lawsuits and lack of use. Do you not think this new splash pad will ultimately prompt a law suit(I’ll give it a year of use).
        They fenced off an old train engine because of a frivolous lawsuit (parent negligence in watching out for their own child resulted in a broke leg). I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well.

  1. Maybe the city should allocate some funds to our hospital. My Mother-in-law has been waiting in the hospital for two years so far waiting for a nursing home and watching tv breaks the monotony. Recently they got a new service provider and new tv’s. The cost for long term patients was 65.00 a month, it has now jumped to over 200.00 a month with no local channels.

    • Mike….just in case you forgot. In a democracy we vote in, or out, elected officials. That is the whole idea behind our political system. So they can’t be fired. When you make such comments and then include a crude remark your comment makes you look like an uniformed person and generally a very ignorant and unintelligent person. You would have been better off to have said nothing.

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