City council to decide if Jamestown needs a Health Equity Centre to combat drugs


The Algoma Leadership Table is heading up an initiative to address illicit drugs in Jamestown.

How? They are looking at something that may help to reduce harm in the form of a Health Equity Centre.

As you may already know, opioid and other illicit drug use is a significant public health issue in the city right now as it is among many communities across Canada.

The health harms produced by opioids and other illicit drugs are causing not only addiction but overdose and increase in blood bourne infections like hepatitis C.

Algoma has a higher risk of hepatitis C due to intravenous drug use based on information presented by the Sault Ste. Marie Drug Strategy.

Provincial data visualized by the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre says that we may benefit from accessible harm reduction services such as needle exchanges.

On April 23, 2018 city council committed to work with and support the collective efforts of the Algoma Leadership Table, Sault Area Hospitals, Group Health Centre, Algoma Public Health, Sault Ste. Marie Police Services and the Drug Strategy Committee to collectively address the opioid crisis and its consequences.

So the Algoma Leadership Table is currently conducting an assessment of the needs and programing available in the community to determine where resources should be focused.


  1. I live in hamilton and its bad here they are putting a center so people can shoot up i do not agree to this they are making the city into drugs city so many people wanna move now that all i want to do

  2. I don’t live in the Soo but visit there often from the states. That being said these problems are everywhere right now. Addicts don’t want to be addicts no more than caged animals want to be caged. There is something fundamentally wrong with these peoples mindset. With their past, their present, and the possibilities of their future. Drugs are an escapism from all that haunts their minds. They are the slow path to suicide. The more they do the more they want. Couple that with the fact that opioids are physically addictive; the body literally needs them to stave off the sickness their absence causes. It becomes a quick downward spiral.
    I don’t know the solution as I am not a counselor but I do know that addiction is the symptom and manifestation of what ills and troubles them. So whoever said they need jobs that would help. They need a sense of purpose and of belonging and hope for a future. However they all need something different as their troubles differ but at the root they need compassion and love and hope.
    A safe sight is a good start and a way to make that initial connection. I wish the Soo and every city good luck with their efforts to help these people find hope.

    • I agree with you. Money spent the wrong way again. And the joke is on them. Really James Street. Yeah I don’t think that’s the only place there is a drug problem. They just got targeted and the city thinks cleaning up that area will help and shut the naive up. Wake up city counsel. It is happening in all walks of life. Rich, poor, talented, gifted. It is so sad seeing families torn apart. Broken hearts. Abandoned families. Maybe more in Jamestown because if the cost of living but they are all over town.

    • It’s also sad that cars are getting broken into and windows smashed every night , or that they are going to the mall and injecting in the bathroom or outside at night and leave their needles everywhere… or that an innocent dog was stolen and then later killed because the junkie did not want to get caught … or an innocent baby thrown in the St . Mary’s river … when is it enough ?

  3. They need to send these junkies to jail away from here … I’m so sick of hearing about cars getting broken into and seeing them at the mall high … now one of them has killed an innocent dog … enough is enough this city has to be cleaned up

    • You gonna pay the bills to house them in a jail? How much money you got? You know that’s a real big expense right, much more than trying to help them off it. But, you probably know all about drugs and addiction, you sound very well versed in it, and the solutions that work for it. Maybe they should add a tax to fatty foods to pay for it, i’d be down for that.


    • people dont realize once the drug gets there soul,,,which is usually after the 1st or 2nd time doing it,,depends on the drug its not them anymore,,i am not defending anyone addicted just saying how the addiction works

    • Scott Snider please do not assume I’m ignorant, I’m just sick and tired of all the break ins and trying to stop them on a daily basis from stealing where I work … and now they kill an innocent animal… so ya not ignorant just fed up

  4. The sad part is it’s NOT just Jamestown it’s in the entire city . Don’t underestimate the silver spoon areas they’re just as bad as Jamestown area . Instead of giving a slap on the wrist to the drug cases start actually forcing drug treatment and or jail time

  5. Why not go after the dealers and traficers?? I think more could and should be done to catch their leaders. Maybe they already know who they are but know they are untouchable. So let’s snap a bandaid on the problem so we can close our eyes to who and what is the real criminals surrounding us.

    • Funny thing lots of this started by the Dr’s giving out pain killers. So who do we put in jail. What about the Methodone clinics. Legal drugs. Is it working I think not. The get their daily drink and feel better. Then figure out a way to get more illegal drugs. Sure they have to pee to show of they are clean
      But if not just go daily get more. Makes no sense to me. Offer ways to get clean it up not supply it.

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