Conservatives and Liberals React to NDP


Following up on the  NDP promises regarding the Huron Central Railway, both the Liberals and the Conservatives released statements commenting on what was said.

Ross Romano of the PC’s was not happy with the comments, as he believes it is just an act to have voters side with the NDP’s. In his press release he has said

“It is disingenuous of the NDP to try to score cheap political points at this time with this important matter only weeks before an election. I stand by my record of fighting for HCR since the fall of 2017; when the issue first arose.The fact of the matter is that this announcement by the NDP is nothing more than a photo-op act of political gamesmanship. It’s more of the same ‘promise the world’ antics we are used to seeing from the NDP. Approximately 50 jobs right here in the North are at stake, and on June 7th after I’m re-elected and the PC’s form a majority government; I will be at the table, continuing the fight I started last Fall, ensuring we have solutions to issues like this and the many others that are affecting our ability to secure good jobs in Northern Ontario and Sault Ste. Marie.”

The liberals also making counter remarks, Sault candidate Jaclynne Hamel released her own press release as well.

“When HCRY approached the provincial and federal governments in 2009, your Ontario Liberal government stepped up to the plate. We provided $15 million to the companythe following year to ensure that they were able to continue providing much-needed services to this community. Just recently, HCR was approved for NOHFC funding of $882,560 to retain 45 local jobs and create 50 indirect jobs in our community” “We will continue to work with the company so that they are able to maintain their presence in Northern Ontario. We do this because we are deeply invested in the success of our Northern economy. I look forward to advocating for Sault Ste. Marie’s businesses, including HCRY, should I be elected as the MPP for Sault Ste. Marie in June.”

The election takes place June 7th, so whoever you side with, make sure your voice is heard.

More on the is story here.


  1. The Liberals have buried us in massive debt not to mention squandered billions, the only logical choice is the PC party at this time.

  2. Green Party! Want to send a real message to Queen’s Park? Support a worldwide commitment to protect people and places. And, ultimate protest vote, for our broken system, strategic voting, or you’ve had enough!

  3. The Liberals have some nerve. They have had years to help the railroad and did nothing.All of a sudden we are to believe they are ready to help. The NDP need to show HOW they will fix this railway MESS…..AND ..WHEN??

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