Cross off an item on your bucket list at ARCH’s First Great Bucket List Ball


Everyone has one or two things they’d really like to cross off of their bucket list before they die. ARCH Hospice is making that an option.

This new-concept idea was invented after the community rallied together last year to raise over $3.1 million that ARCH needed to expand both their space and programs. The money was raised in only six months, and the new building will be completed this June.

“To commemorate that, we said ‘you know what? This is really like our organizational bucket list, and we’ve been inspired by some of the things that people have been doing in their community by checking things off of their bucket list. Why don’t we bring that kind of experience to every individual community member?'”, explained Lee Rendell, the manager of fund development for ARCH. “So, in September, we launched The Great Bucket List Challenge, and we encouraged people to check off something from their bucket list. (We) followed their journey and captured it and put it on social media. To commemorate the experience, we just asked that they fundraised a nominal amount – whatever they wanted to fundraise – for hospice. But in return, we’d rally and support around them, and if we could, reach out to partners and make their bucket list come true we’d do that.”

This challenge had amazing support, raising quite a bit of money for ARCH. They then decided that they wanted to celebrate all of the individuals involved even more, so they created the Great Bucket List Ball, which will be taking place June 1st.

This isn’t going to be just your average ball, though, Rendell said.

“Not only are we celebrating all of the people that have been bucket listing all year, but we want to take that inspiration and let people bucket list at the ball,” she said.

Great Bucket List Ball activities will include:

  •  tattoo artists
  •  tarot card readers, numerologists and mediums
  •  ballroom dance teachers
  •  Entomica (local insectarium)
  •  archery
  •  paintball shooting
  •  raffle prizes
  •  live music

“Everyone there is not only going to get the traditional ball experience, but if you want to be in a gown, shooting a bow and arrow, you can do that. If you want to get a tattoo, because you’ve never gotten one, or you want a dragonfly tattoo to commemorate the experience, you can do that,” Rendell said. “We just want to bring that vibe from hospice – that every moment matters – and let people really live in the moment for the night.”

She said she thinks this is a fun way to get the community involved in fund raising for ARCH, while also giving back to them.

“We offer our services for free, but in turn we ask that the community supports us with fundraising. But, we try to give something back for that. It’s not just ‘hey, can you make a donation?’ it’s like ‘hey,come out,have an amazing night, and know at the end of the night that we’re raising some significant dollars for ARCH.”

But it’s not just about the fund raising, she said.

“Beyond the fundraising, there’s a more important element. If you are doing something off your bucket list, you are entirely living in the moment, you’re embracing your personal goals, you’re leading a happier, more fulfilling life, and you’ve rethought about your own mortality. There’s actually a lot of scientific evidence to prove that when you go there, when you think about the fact that we’re all mortal, we’re all going to pass, you’ve kind of gone there and you’ve been able to reprogram your brain a little bit and just be able to focus on what matters. Your loved ones that matter, creating those moments that matter.”

Rendell said she’s hoping this will become an annual event. When asked what her takeaway on crossing off bucket list items, she said:

“I think living every day to make every moment matter is the biggest take away from this. Everyone can do that, everyday and can lead a wonderful happy life by going there and embracing that side of their own mortality.”

Tickets are $50 each or $500 a table, and are selling out fast. They can be purchased at, the Machine Shop box office, or by calling ARCH at 705-942-1556.