Doug Ford: “A new day will dawn in Ontario” (photos and video)


The Sault welcomes newly appointed Progressive Conservative leader, Doug Ford, with enthusiasm.

Ford’s rally in the Sault marked one of many stops on a tour to hear out the concerns of citizens in Northern Ontario, and he was not afraid to speak loud and clear against Kathleen Wynne and the provincial Liberal party on their $325 billion dollar debt, “The largest subnational debt in the entire world.”

MPP Ross Romano introduced Ford to the community,

“I’ve been listening to our community and I’ve heard you. You are fed up. You are frustrated. You are tired of the hydro rates and the high taxes. You want better healthcare, shorter wait times, more access to long-term facilities. You want real jobs, meaningful and sustainable jobs. You want to know that someone is looking out for you, there is somebody out there fighting for you, and Doug Ford is.”

Part of Ford’s visit to the Sault included conversation with Algoma (Essar Steel Algoma), who expressed their frustration with cap and trade policy.

He promised to “Cap taxes and trade Kathleen Wynne,” all the while supporting people in cities like the Sault who rely on companies like Algoma to fuel the economy, and ultimately, fuel the small businesses that employ so many of us.

Ford claims that 300 thousand manufacturing jobs have left Ontario in the last 15 years, a cause of concern for a steel town like Sault Ste. Marie.

Ford also made a promise to reduce the hydro rates by 12%, and made a point to call out alleged corruption within the Hydro One corporation,

“The people of Ontario are getting gouged. While hydro CEOs in other provinces are making a $400-thousand dollar salary maximum, ours (Mayo Schmidt) is making $4.5 million, with a $1.7 million dollar bonus on top of that.”

He further described the situation as “The most shameful thing i’ve ever seen, with an additional $14 million dollars of bonuses going to his cronies.”

Ford promised that the last time he (Mayo Schmidt) controls taxpayer money and approves anything will be June 7th, and then he and the Board of Directors of Hydro One will be gone.

Aside from hydro, Ford also shared with Saultites some of the ways that he would do politics differently than the competition, starting with a major issue, healthcare, sharing his genuine appreciation for nurses and doctors through his experience with his late brother, Rob Ford.

He pledged to hear out doctors and other healthcare professionals so that they can advise recommendations to better the healthcare system because “Nothing is worse than a politician at Queen’s Park telling the front line worker, be it the doctor, be it the nurse, be it any of you, how to do your job.”

He reaffirmed his promise to bring in 15,000 long-term care beds in the next five years and 15,000 more in the next ten, which would “take a load off the hospitals.”

His platform includes renewing rail service in Ontario, getting rid of tax on those who make minimum wage ($30,000 per year or less), the carbon tax, cap and trade, and the Green Energy Act, in addition to enacting revenue sharing so that municipalities have more control over their own finances.

To huge applause, Ford said, “People are always telling municipalities how they have to use their money. I don’t believe in that. I say, let the people from Sault Ste. Marie use their own money how they want. If they have pot holes and want to resurface the roads, god bless ’em. We don’t need to have the ‘nanny state’ or ‘big brother’ dictate how each and every one of us are going to spend our money!”

While Ford did not get into the logistics of how many of these plans would come to fruition, or specifically how policy would apply to Sault Ste. Marie, he guaranteed job development and attracting businesses to our region.

For more information on Doug Ford and the PCs platform going into the June 7th provincial elections, click here.


  1. “Free crack for everyone!” It’s raining crack, hallelujah it’s raining crack! It’s like he’s the Messiah of crack leading a crack revolution. Long live Cracker Ford the King of Crack! 😂

  2. IF the NDP had a leader other than Horwath they might have a chance. Sge is a tired leader who so far has done little to encourage us to vote NDP. Despite that I think the NDP may just come in second…not so much for what they offer… a result of voters throwing Wynne to the curb.

  3. Well said Tommy Lee .NORTHERN ONTARIO PARTY.

    Ladys and Gentlemen, we are a regional party representing people in Northern Ontario who have come to realize that the big three Toronto focused parties just don’t seem to care much about Northern Ontario. Oh sure we get a bit of attention before every election and a bunch of empty campaign promises pointed our way, but the day after the election is when everything goes back to normal and Northern Ontario again gets forgotten about, except when Toronto politician’s are after our chromite. This year the Northern Ontario Party’s goal is to run 13 candidates across Northern Ontario. If we get a few seats (and it looks like we may), then things will start to happen. First, the constituents represented by those MPP’s will for the first time be truly represented at Queen’s Park. I say that because we don’t use a party whip. Each NOP MPP will be mandated to poll their constituents prior to any vote and vote accordingly. These MPP’s will always be able to put their constituents best interests first and foremost, not having to toe the party line. Secondly, with members in Queen’s Park, we will be able to continually advocate for fairness for Northern Ontario. Things like equal access to public services and healthcare, the lack of public transportation availability in many of our communities across the north, and the lack of investment into Northern Ontario’s highways and other infrastructure. Toronto’s political parties don’t care about the lives of Northern Ontarians. Simple proof is the total lack of rest areas on Northern highways! They put up flashing billboards stating that fatigue kills and that you should pull over if you’re tired, but they don’t give you any safe areas to pull over into. The bottom line is that all the big three Toronto focused parties have had a crack at governing Northern Ontario in the last 40 years, and they’ve all failed us miserably…including the GTA focused Mike Harris and Ernie Eaves who started selling off Hydro One, and privatized the 407, among other fiascos. The sell-off of Hydro One has hit Northern Ontarian’s the hardest as our winters are colder and winter nights are a little longer. Many of us have no access to natural gas and have to heat our homes with electricity or wood. To sum up and to answer your questions. Well, we won’t know how many seats until after the election. Do you know how many the PC’s will win? Of course you don’t. As for impact, we’re already making an impact as we’re giving Northern Ontarians hope for a better tomorrow. Real hope, not just empty promises. Something Toronto focused politicians can’t seem to wrap their heads around.

  4. A new day will dawn in Ontario…if Ford gets in we will have our very own Donald Trump lite. I WAS prepared to consider voting PC but they lost any chance of that happening with this ass as their esteemed leader.

    • Chris Boswell, no, I don’t….which is why, this small “l” liberal was considering voting PC. But I will NOT ever vote for a PC party with Doug Ford as it’s leader. I will likely be voting for the Green Party or maybe NDP….I like the local candidate they chose.

  5. its nice that he is making all these promises, but where is the money going to come from? And seeing as he is promising that people making under 30K will pay no provincial income tax, that is estimated to cost the gov aprox $500 million as well. Where is that going to be made up?

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