Fratesi may be back at council to help with the crippled Huron Central line


At the end of April last year, city council passed a resolution to help with the efforts of the Huron Central Railway in securing its line from the Sault to Sudbury.

Now they are bringing in an old gun, in the form of Joe Fratesi.

Yes, Steve Butland and Paul Christian are using the powers of Fratesi to possible fix a situation that he was helpful with in the past.

Genessee &  Wyoming Canada have announced that they will cease operations from the Sault to Sudbury at the end of 2018.

So a new task force led by Butland and Fratesi, which was instrumental in 2009 in securing federal and provincial funding for the line is back at it again.

Monday’s city council meeting will decide if this task force is to move forward.


  1. Something MUST be wrong with the drinking water in Sault Ste. Marie when people start talking foolish like this. We were SO glad to get rid of this guy and his scandals, why would you ever want him back?

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