From India to Sault College


This life is full of challenges, opportunities and new experiences for an international student. There is a lot to know and an inner curiosity when you pack your bags to move to another country and to a new university/college.

I am Pooja Sharma from India, “the multicultural country,” I am a student studying at Sault College.

I am currently working on my co-op student placement with SaultOnline. Here, I would like to share my personal story of my experience of moving to Canada from another country.

Canada is a very alluring place and I did not want to blink my eyes for even a second when I landed in Canada in December. Snow was all around in the north part of Canada, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. It was a feeling of falling into heaven. But as an international student I suffered a lot while walking in this weather to the college by virtue of my new experience with lots of snow all around me.

Yet, Tim Horton’s coffees gives life to all.

Most of the international students suffer in terms of their accommodations when finding the rental house as per their pocket allowance. That happened with me too, but I managed it somehow. Moreover, as a student it’s better to live in a flat on “sharing basis” which is really a “value for money option.” Truly, It is not easy to move out from home for such a long time where you have to do all your activities on your own including cooking, cleaning and so on.

Sault College gave me the new experiences of life. It offers an ideal multicultural environment where students can feel more comfortable. Socializing with other international students was quite easy at start, and I soon expanded my social network with engaging in different class activities.

The people in Canada are very blissful and treat people so enthusiastically. The people here speak more “Thank You” and “Sorry” then I ever heard (I appreciate their respect to others). I also learned this new behaviour from them which is quite interesting.

The concept of studying in Canadian colleges emphasize more on practical knowledge as compared to theoretical, which is totally different from my native country and yes, I am learning the Canadian lifestyle, their customs, and lots of other things.

“Exploring” Canada is such a delightful experience of my life, the beautiful landscapes of Sault Ste. Marie gives me so much peace, although I am from a busy city of India, Delhi, and not used to living in such a quiet place, I am still in love with the city Sault Ste. Marie.

I never ever saw beaches in my life, and now I’m really excited for the summers to capture the moments of fun at Canadian beaches.

But with all new ups and downs, with all new experiences, we miss our family while sitting miles away from them.

Article written by: Pooja Sharma



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