Government cuts short debate on election law reforms, opposition outraged


OTTAWA — The Trudeau government is shutting down debate on a massive bill to overhaul laws governing federal elections as it rushes to ensure the reforms can be implemented in time for the 2019 election.

Government House leader Bardish Chagger says opposition parties left her no option but to invoke time allocation to end second reading debate this evening on Bill C-76 and send it off to committee. where it can be examined in depth and amendments can be proposed.

MPs have had four days to debate the bill and now face a second reading vote later today.

Chagger says it would be “ideal” if the bill could be approved by both the House of Commons and the Senate by the time Parliament breaks for the summer at the end of June.

But it’s not just C-76 that the government is determined to see passed by the summer.

Chagger says she will soon introduce a motion to allow for evening sittings of the Commons for the next four weeks in a bid to ensure a raft of other bills are wrapped up, including legislation dealing with firearms, budget implementation, national security and environmental assessment.


The Canadian Press


  1. Do you expect anything more from this junior lead federal liberal government ??? Transparency ? Non-existence. Consult with the people ? That’s all these libs keep preaching. But they don’t. These libs keep giving away millions to special interest groups outside out Country. It goes on and on folks. trudeau is outside his element, whatever that may be. Some of you still think this guy knows what he is doing ? Seriously ??? Let’s wake up folks !!! 2019 is just around the corner. Please see the truth behind the fake news that this pm keeps spewing. This Country can do better. It sure as hell can’t do any worse. Transparency ??? Wowwww…, this guy is unbelievable.

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