Hamel Questions Romano

Jaclynne Hamel - Liberal Candidate

Liberal candidate Jaclynne Hamel is taking aim at PC candidate Ross Romano today releasing two statements questioning he’s positions.

Hamel questions Romano about the lack of a costed platform from party leader Doug Ford, stating “Until a costed PC platform is released, we do not know what Mr. Romano stands for.”  Hamel calls the lack of a platform a “disservice to Sault Ste Marie and this province.”  She then calls on the PC’s and Romano to release a platform.

Hamel also takes umbrage with a release sent by Romano over the weekend questioning NDP candidate Michele McCleave-Kennedy’s stance on the issues. He also questions the NDP candidate about some of the controversial candidates running for the party.  Hamel wonders if “Doug Ford’s Conservatives really the ones to throw stones at glass houses?”

Hamel poses six questions to Romano about some of the other PC’s candidates running in Ontario that have questionable views as well the alleged behaviour of the leader Doug Ford.

1. How do you feel about your colleague in Kanata–Carleton advocating for a two-tiered health care system?

2. Do you condemn the view of your colleague in London West Andrew Lawton’s homophobic, misogynistic and racist views?

3. How do you respond to the series of nomination meeting being called into question due to undemocratic practices?

4. What is your response to Doug Ford’s participation in the collection of bogus memberships for candidate Kinga Surma?

5. You have developed relationships with our local media in Sault Ste. Marie. How do you feel about Doug Ford restricting access to the media, and instead creating FordNation Live?

6. What promises can you really make when your leader can’t get a platform out?

ONNTV gives you an opportunity to hear all the candidates on Wednesday May 30th at the ONNTV live  All Candidates Debate airing at 4:30pm.

Read Michele McCleave-Kennedy responds here


  1. Doesn’t matter who gets in all their leaders are for Southern Ontario and will always be that way, then you have the liberals promising everything for free, and wynne promise free college, the year I had my 2 strokes, and she was going attend school college was not free they gave her 800 grant, and the rest would have been loans, that is not free school, that’s just another way to get more money for us taxpayers stop promising shit you can’t provide and NOTHING FREE, we still pay for it. And the there the NDP that wants to raise our taxes so they can spend even more money we don’t have, the there are the PCs wants to take the minimum wage increases back and the best they don’t have a platform, so it doesn’t matter who who vote for Ontario will always BE OURS TO RECOVERY.

  2. I doubt you will get an answer. Romano and Ford are buried and trying to find a way out. Once again the Cons blew a sure victory. What were they thinking when they let Ford captain the ship?

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