Have a Doggone Good Time this Long Weekend


Even the rain didn’t stop people from coming out and enjoying the Sault Ste. Marie Kennel Club’s 200th dog show.

Dog breeder Barbara Tim even brought her whippets from Michigan to compete in her third dog show in the Soo. Breeding dogs for the past 12 years, she says she enjoys “striving to get a dog that conforms to show standards.”

She said, as well as being excellent show dogs, whippets are also very active, which is why she chose to breed them.

“They’re sweet and cuddly dogs, but also very active, which I like because I walk a lot. Some people call them 35 mile-per-hour couch potatoes.”

Lauren Brunton, the Director of Shows for the SSMKC, says this year’s dogs will be judged based on a few different competitions.

These include:

  1. Confirmation – based on looks, sound of mind and body of the dog (only purebreds can compete in this),
  2. Obedience – precision of the dog and how well it and the owner work as a team, and
  3. Rally – a more user-friendly version of obedience, where the owner can be more vocal with the dog during the performance.

Brunton says to celebrate the Kennel Club’s 200th show, there will be a special presentation that includes a plaque and letter presented by the Director of the Canadian Kennel Club, Richard Paquette.

The SSMKC Dog Show continues until Sunday, May 20 at 4 p.m.