Head Start in Business hosts 2018 Enterprise Olympics! (12 photos)


Head Start in Business hosted the Enterprise Olympics on May 9th and 10th at Algoma University and the Water Tower Inn.

This event has been going on for six years now in the Northeast and Northwest of Ontario. Every year, it takes place in a different city.

It is essentially a business pitch competition, whereby students are divided into teams based on industry sectors, and mentored by local entrepreneurs, experts within their specific field.

The sectors for this year’s event included;

  • Health and wellness
  • Retail
  • Technology and information
  • Arts and culture
  • Social enterprise
  • Mining and forestry

The goal of the Enterprise Olympics is to motivate and inspire young people to find their entrepreneurial spirit, and teach them the qualities, characteristics, and attitudes that will assist them in choosing a career path.

The students competed for prizes, including $500 in cash and $1000 scholarship to a Northern Ontario post-secondary institution.

Head Start in Business prides itself on encouraging youth to embrace entrepreneurship as a viable career option, specifically as it relates to opportunities in Northern Ontario.

Cindy Reasbeck, Program Manager for Head Start in Business, told SaultOnline, “The goal of the event is to introduce a culture of entrepreneurship to to young individuals in specific sectors. It’s also an opportunity for students to network with students from other areas.

Students come from all over northern Ontario and we strongly try and promote the opportunities that we have here in northern Ontario to create jobs through entrepreneurship.”

Each event has around 130-150 students from surrounding areas such as Wawa, Sudbury, Blind River, Timmins, etc.

SaultOnline would like to extend a congratulations to the winning team, Team S.T.S, from the forestry and mining sector.

The students on this team include Nicholas Lacasse, Noble Stow-Gore, Kristen Bouchard, and Emily Wildgoose.

All students who presented showed innovation, determination, and strategy in their business case.

For more information on Head Start in Business and their programs, click here.