How does “GFL Memorial Gardens” sound?


A report from the Director of Community Services has been attached to this Monday’s Council Agenda for the consideration of Council to accept GFL Environmental’s bid for the Naming, Advertising, and Sponsorship Rights of the Essar Centre.

If accepted, GFL is proposing to change the name of the facility from Essar Centre to GFL Memorial Gardens. Over the period of the 10 year agreement, GFL would make annual payments of $75,000 amounting to a total investment of $750,000. In addition, GFL will discount the costs associated to servicing waste, recycling and temporary waste containers at the centre by 50% over the term of the agreement amounting to an additional $36,000 savings.

Since the inception of GFL in 2007, they have built a team of highly qualified individuals and sit at approximately 5500 employees from coast to coast. GFL have teams in place from marketing specialists, sales teams and highly qualified management teams. GFL has indicated they will implement a team primarily focused for the kick-off of the new name. Lead by Chris Dovigi, GFL will actively involve the community for the reveal and will continuously strive to educate and lead the City of Sault Ste. Marie about waste and waste recycling.

GFL will implement a strong recycling program at the Centre to be utilized by all events held at the facility.


    • Because the city wanted to get some money for the naming rights. It’s an opportunity to help pay for some of the operations costs. If you haven’t figured that out — say 20 years ago — I’m not sure you’ll ever figure it out. The old Memorial Gardens was torn down. It no longer exists. The new arena should not include ‘memorial’ as the Memorial Tower on the site is a fine tribute (memory) and the cenotaph is the true place of reverence to honour military veterans past and present.

    • The company is supporting the community by paying to put a sign up and keep it there for 10 years. We have many places that venerate veterans. We don’t need it on the arena any more. Both my parents were in the military during WW2 and I see the cenotaph as the only place that is necessary to honour veterans past and present. There already is the Memorial Tower on the site which also recognizes veterans.

  1. Why not have the memorial gardens back as the name. I think it would be good to go back to the original name but GFL I dont like … sorry gfl it doesnt sound right what about Budweiser or bell or soo memorial gardens

  2. Should not be Memorial anything. This is a totally different building. The Memorial Tower is enough. That requirement probably cost the city a lot of money. Also think the term is too short.
    Green For Life Gardens would sound much better.

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