It’s Pajama Day


Saultonline supports mental health by wearing pajamas for the whole day to help community children, youngsters and the people who are suffering from mental illness.

Children mental health issues are increasing day by day. There is a need to raise awareness about children and youth and mental health illness.

According to the latest statistics, children from age 3 to 17 suffer more from mental health problems.

They are not able to handle their aggression, emotions or behaviour in a right manner.

The organization “We Got this SSM” has taken the initiative to help children to tackle their mental health issues.

So, this mental health week they organized an event to wear your pajamas all day, to support those who are suffering from addictions and mental health by showing them the community cares.

The event is set for today May 11th and it will run for the whole day.

Awareness of all the facts about health and mental illness is very important because we want the community to know that 1 in every 4 people will struggle with mental health issues at some point, and 70% of the time, those problems will arise in adolescence.

Mental Health issues need your attention, so support the cause.

HURRY UP! Participate in the event by donating $2 to wear your pajamas at your work today.

For more Information about more events of we got this SSM, click here.



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